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The decision to leave the EU will result in unhappy holiday travellers

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union is still under negotiations and British travellers are among the many individuals who are to face the bitter backlash from the result.

In the wake of the vote back in June 2016, the pound dropped dramatically with the biggest shock being compared against the dollar and the euro. It has altered ever so slightly since, but it still has repercussions for frequent travellers who may have to rethink their holiday plans in the future.

For many people around the globe, having the freedom to travel around Europe is one of the main reasons people emigrate to England and other European countries. Not only for the cultural way of life, but also for how easily it is into the country and the easier lifestyle.

However once the leaving arrangements have been finalised, visas will be mandatory for many individuals coming from abroad like many other countries worldwide. British citizens wont need a visa to get back into the UK, but they will need to pass through passport control when entering. This may be seen as a struggle for many travellers abroad who look to come here for travelling purposes. There will be just a lot more checks before coming in the country, just like we have to do to get into other countries such as America or Australia.

Not only are travellers to be affected, many airlines will also have to go through checks to ensure they are able to fly over Europe. For new air services coming in and out of the UK, agreements will need to be put into place to ensure they can continue to fly without restrictions.

With the change of government procedures expected, airlines who carry out flights going in and out of the EU countries are also expected to give customers a much harder time claiming compensations over delayed flights and some individuals may result in having to go to court in another country to win their case.

Another vital benefit British Citizens are entitled to when travelling overseas, is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which enables UK citizens to free or reduced-cost treatments in other EU countries. This will no doubt be abolished once the regulations come into place with many travellers now having the worry of a large bill at the end of their holiday if any unexpected illnesses were to occur.

Will this change the number of travellers in and out of the EU?

Before Brexit became a thing to us in the UK, the European Union rules that were originally set in place had plans to abolish roaming charges on mobile phones in other EU countries entirely by June 2017. However, now that has changed due to the departure of the EU, many mobile phone contract payers are now faced with an increased charge when going abroad. Not only has holiday prices risen due to the drop of the pound, but the cost of using your mobile phone abroad may leave them with a very expensive holiday to pay off

When we used to go on holiday, we would have the advantage of bringing back unlimited amounts of duty free shopping from other EU countries. This being a lot cheaper than it would be in any of your normal shops back at home. However, now we are due to be leaving the EU, we assume that we will have to accompany the same agreements as all other countries. We will have a duty free allowance of what we can bring through border control including 200 cigarettes, 16 litres of beer and 4 litres of wine. Most of all we will have to start paying an additional £2 for each bottle we bring home.

Where has the fun on duty-free shopping after a holiday gone?

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