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Brexit means less tea and biscuits!

As food prices rise following the EU referendum, customers in Britain are faced with some unfortunate consequences to some of their much-loved food favourites – like the famous Digestives.

The result of the pound falling has affected the import costs for major brands in the UK such as Walkers and Birds Eye.

But now, Brits are faced with a repercussion to their stereotypical tea and biscuits as one of the most recent products to be affected are the famous Digestives.

Manufacturer Pladis, who own Digestive’s brand McVitie’s, are shrinking some of their pack sizes due to the rising cost to exchange rates and ingredients.

This means there will be seven biscuits removed from the original packaging size.

Unfortunately, Digestives are not the only product to be affected post-Brexit vote.

One product alteration that has sparked outrage with consumers was the change to the triangle bar of chocolate goodness, the Toblerone.

The Swiss chocolate, manufactured by Mondelez International, has now created gaps between each chocolate peak.

Although the length of the bars is ultimately the same, the weight in the larger bar has decreased by 40g!

Although manufacturers are not blaming Brexit for the change to their products, customers seem to think differently.

One person on Twitter stated “First Toblerone now digestives… next they are going to shrink my rich teas… what is Brexit doing to my pantry #BrexitShambles”.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.55.55

Another said: “Eating the last proper Toblerone before they shrink. *shakes fist at #Brexit*

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.59.35

In response to someone on Facebook, Toblerone said that the decision to change the shape and not raise the price was to ensure that the product remains affordable for their customers.

Whilst some of Britain’s favourite products will continue to change, the UK is not scheduled to depart the EU until March 2019.

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