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5 weird European Union Laws

EU Flag from Flickr

There are volumes of European Union rules which have legal force over the UK.

This week the bill which converts EU law into British law is being discussed by the House of Lords after it spent 80 hours being debated in the House of Commons.

Here are 5 of the strangest EU laws which currently have power over the UK.

  1. Diabetics should only be given drivers licences in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Curved Bananas are considered sub-standard in quality and although not fully banned they are considered second class.
  3. It is illegal to eat pet horses! However if it is not classed as a pet on its passport then it is fine to eat.
  4. Children under 8 should not blow up latex balloons without adult supervision.
  5. According to the EU drinking water does not quench your thirst the law passed means that bottled water is not allowed to suggest it fights dehydration.

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