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You are what you drink!

In the UK the thought of spending a Friday evening out with friends without drinking each other to oblivion is not one that I imagine many of us can bare to think of and a survey that includes 21 countries shows that young adults in other countries have the same mind set.

The international survey published in the journal BMJ open may have some answers for us that could save you from the slurred argument with the straight faced bouncers on Friday night.

Whether it is gin leading to sobbing or spirits turning you into a loud mouthed hooligan, myths surrounding alcohol have been around for as long as I can remember.

Does anyone really know if there is any truth behind these claims though?

The international survey of 30,000 18 to 34 year olds shows red wine being linked to feelings of tiredness and relaxation.

On the other side of the spectrum is spirits, these were found to lead to feelings of sexiness, confidence and energy which could also explain some of those questionable dance moves that are better left forgotten.

The results also show a difference between sexes with women reporting mainly feelings of confidence and relaxation.

Men on the other hand where far more likely to report feelings of aggression and violence.

As interesting as these new figures may be I can’t help but wonder why we drink ourselves into these states in the first place, maybe the cure for this aggression is to drink less of our chosen tipples.

We love to share stories of the various states that we have managed to get ourselves into on the weekend, it is a part of our culture with things such as fresher’s week and off licence spirits being easily brought for £15 or less we live in a society that promotes binge drinking.

Something that we can all take from this survey is to drink responsible or it could end in tears!

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