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This Christmas tree has got people head over heels!

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to tinsel up and get the mistletoe at the ready.

People tend to go all out with the most festive traditions, like bright Christmas jumpers or wearing Santa hats, but a new trend in this year has certainly turned things around…literally.

The upside-down Christmas tree has taken to retailers and there have been a range of reviews circulating.

The unique decoration involves the Christmas tree being hung from the ceiling with a stand attached to the tip.

While some claim this new tree is a space saver, others have not so optimistic opinions on the ornament.

It is evident trees are not commonly known to be hung upside down these days, one reason for this may be that the tip represents pointing to heaven.

So, with this quirky trend coming back into action, many people are criticising that these trees are sacrilegious.

One Twitter member shared his disgust to the craze by saying: “These people are actually Satanists in disguise.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 12.02.09

Whereas, others have taken a great interest into this unusual trend with many uploading their own upside-down Christmas trees to Instagram, one captioned: “I bought a new Christmas tree today and I’m obsessed!”.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 12.19.19

It turns out, this crazy trend isn’t so new.

Deriving from the Middle Ages, Europeans hung their fir trees upside down to represent the Trinity as part of a tradition.

Alongside this inverted festivity, people have also taken part in other crazy trends like taking a dip into freezing cold waters on Christmas Day or people decorating their beards with clip-on baubles.

Other than these crazy Christmas traditions originating from a point in history, I can only assume some people start these trends by having one too many mulled wines on Christmas day.

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