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Santa Claus bus officially opened a fund-raising trip in Brighton

Brighton’s bus elves have been working hard to decorate the Santa Claus bus which will run throughout the city until the holiday season.

Staff are preparing to spread the joy of the festival in the city and raise funds for The Argus Appeal and The Martlets Hospice in Hove.

The Santa Claus Bus will visit several different places within 18 days from tomorrow until December 18th. 

Volunteers will dress up as elves and get on the colorful bright bus together, playing Christmas songs to raise money for the two agencies.

After the Santa Claus bus was introduced in 2004, The Argus Appeal decided it should move around the city. 

The bus finally took off after receiving support from the former Brighton and Hove Buses managing director.

Since its first run, Santa Claus buses have been able to cover more ground and reach more urban residents. 

Without drivers and fuel provided by Brighton and Hove Buses and a plan from volunteers, there will be no rolling success of the wheel.

The Argus Appeal co-ordinator said this year marks the fourteenth year of Santa’s bus operation and they once again look forward to the brilliant Christmas fundraising event which will take place in the coming weeks. 

Last year’s fund-raising hit a higher historical record. 

The Martlets and the Lloyds Banking Group also contribute to the activities as partners.

The Santa Claus bus will depart from Hove at 5 pm and then to the starting point of each day, ending at about 8.30.

This year it will be stopped at Southwick for the first time.

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