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Not only animals die from hunting

What do you do when a species is endangered? You ban trophy imports to your country.

This is what the Obama administration did back in 2014, but now that Trump is sitting in the White House, things might be going sour for our pachyderm friends.

The Trump administration is in fact considering removing Obama’s ban, allowing hunters to go trophy hunting for elephants in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This is great news for US hunters (have I mentioned that Trump’s older sons are both enthusiastic hunters?) and not so great news for either the elephants nor the rangers who are supposed to protect them.

More than 1000 park rangers were killed by poachers only in the last 10 years.

They often leave behind families, widows and children, who usually receive very little official compensation.

Often, these events lead to a very unfortunate future for the families left behind: On average, these broken families become homeless, and up to 4 children per family can’t afford to stay in school, resulting in them becoming, and often living and dying, homeless.

According to the Vulcan African elephant survey, 8% of elephants are disappearing every year due to hunting.

This means that in the next 15 years, there might not be any elephants left in the wild.

This seems a good enough reason to leave the ban on elephant trophy imports alone if you ask me, but if you (or Trump) don’t care one bit about wildlife conservation, or just really, really like taking the life of innocent beings, think of all the families trophy hunting teared apart and how many children now suffer the consequences of possibly just one single pull of the trigger.

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