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Governments consider enforcing a rule for all cyclists to wear a helmet

Following a series of high profile incidents involving cyclists on the roads, the government have discussed making it mandatory for cyclists to wear a helmet.

Although there are no current plans to introduce this rule, Transport Minister Jesse Norman tweeted the issue was “sure to be raised in the consultation” and will be considered “based on the evidence”.

Despite their safety benefits, forcing cyclists to wear helmets is unpopular among some cycling groups and some argue that it is an individual’s own choice whether to wear one or not.

In Australia, the introduction of a £180 fine for not wearing a helmet led to a drop in cycling, and some critics say they give riders a false sense of security.

Of course, not just protective headwear will decrease harm to cyclists, but such things as infrastructure, education, and high visibility clothing.

Yet, there’s no denying that wearing a helmet will reduce at least some of the problems that might go wrong on the road.

Olympic Gold medallist James Cracknell has said he owes his life to the cycle helmet he was wearing when he was hit by a petrol tanker while cycling in 2010.

It seems that the cycling groups that disagree with it are probably just concerned about looking uncool or messing up their hair.

According to figures released by the Department for Transport it showed that in the UK, protective headwear could reduce cyclist fatalities by between 10-16 percent.

Not to mention a heart-breaking accident that took place recently involving a 13 year old boy who suffered severe head injuries after being bullied out of wearing his crash helmet.

Maybe if wearing a crash helmet is made mandatory, young people wouldn’t feel silly wearing one, because they’d have no other choice.

As a nation that is increasingly getting involved with riding our bikes, it is important that health and safety issues are further discussed by the government to ensure these fatalities don’t continue to rise.


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