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Demonetization of YouTube videos could signal the end of the ‘vlogging’ career era

From Pepsi to Ford, some of the most iconic global brands have been pulling out of displaying their adverts on YouTube videos.

This action rose after fears of being associated with the increasing presence of predatory comments that have been appearing on the website’s content.

However, the boycott of YouTube from advertisers has been a recurring theme this past year.

Although these brands place public image as their main priority, for creators who are publishing videos on the online platform, the continuation of such actions could have a detrimental impact on their salaries.

According to Penna Powers, once a creator adds Google AdSense to their channel, they receive 68% of the profit made from the adverts that are displayed both before and throughout the duration of the videos, making on average $18 for every 1000 views.

Whilst this may not sound particularly profitable, for the top creators on the site, this figure soon builds up into the thousands.

Despite some YouTubers having the fortunate advantage of being involved in businesses outside of their YouTube career, such as Tanya Burr and her successful cosmetics company, for others, their reliance on advertising revenue is much stronger.

Earlier this month, after his video ‘NFS: Payback EA Loot Boxes- Angry Rant!’ was listed as unsuitable for most advertisers, gaming YouTuber Joe Vargas took to social media in anger, tweeting: Well it looks like this is going to be a reoccurring thing for my show. The beginning of the end I suppose.”

So, will this be the end of the ‘vlogging’ career era?

With the demonetization of the site’s content increasing, this certainly seems to be the direction in which the site is heading.

For many creators, it seems that unless advertisers decide to rethink their strategy, they may have to dust off their CVs and search for a new job.

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