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Women will effectively work for nothing for the rest of 2017

Today, November 10,  is Equal Pay Day, and marks the day when women in the UK will work the rest of the year for free, in theory.

The day is to bring attention to the pay disparities between genders, which remained at 14.1%, according to Office for National Statistics.

For the past three years, the date has been the same and shows the average pay gap for full-timers and will take 60 years to close.

‘Equal pay day’ organisers, The Fawcett Society  said that at the current rate of progression, it wouldn’t reach zero until 2117.

A report by the society says jobs women do are more likely to be lower paid, and women are less likely to get a bonus or get to the highest position in their company.

As well as age being a factor, where you live is also one. The biggest gap being in London, at 20.7%, and the lowest in Wales at 8.3%.

Even though the gap has fallen in the highest areas, in the North East its risen by 1.5%.

The Fawcett Society also called on the Government to do more and for employers to actually confront pay discrimination and help women into senior positions in-house.

Greg James is a BBC Radio One DJ, and expresses his frustration at the company:

Due to new legislation, every company with 250 employees and over have to report their pay gap by March 2018 – that’s an estimated 9,000 companies.

Women are encouraged to aim high and be confident in their roles, but how can you when you know we still need days like today to remind us of how drastic the pay gap is – even with our progression?

A study by Totaljobs found men are twice as likely as women to be comfortable enough to ask for a pay rise; as a woman, this is disappointing.

It’s more than discouraging to hear I’m less likely to get a job because of that fact I ‘could’ have children. It’s 2017 now.

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