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Should the media industry concentrate on its own sexual harassment problem?

Following the sexual harassment scandal surrounding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, sexual abuse across several industries is a hot topic in the press.

But what about the reporters behind these stories?

In such a male-dominated industry, female Journalists are under pressure to get the best stories and interviews possible.

To keep up with this so-called ‘boys club’ women can find themselves in vulnerable positions.

This week, defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon resigned from cabinet following the accusation that he acted inappropriately towards a journalist.

Jane Merrick informed Downing Street that he attempted to kiss her after they had lunch together several years ago.

A group of female journalists have united to conquer sexual harassment in the media industry.

The network known as ‘Second Source’ promotes awareness of inappropriate sexual behaviour in journalism by sharing their experiences.

Rosamund Urwin, a columnist for the Evening Standard started the group after learning other women had suffered like her.

She said: “I realised that unless we act, nothing will change.

“It will happen to the 23-year-old of tomorrow, as it once happened to me.”

These women will work with organisations to stand up against businesses that overlook how their employees are treated.

But are women aware of their rights…and what is classified as misconduct?

Since the outbreak of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, a wave of victims have voiced their experiences.

It was revealed last week that a secret list of Conservative MP’s and cabinet ministers labelled as ‘sex pests’ was drawn up by researchers and is circulating in Westminster.

The outbreak of this information will not only see the demise of our government, but will also lead to a media frenzy.

This overwhelming media attention could be a positive catalyst for change in industries such as film and music – but the media needs to tackle its own harassment problem as well.

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