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One in 69 People Homeless in Brighton and Hove

A shocking new report has revealed that one in 69 people in Brighton and Hove are either sleeping rough on the streets or in temporary accommodation, making the city the worst in the south-east for homelessness.

Housing charity shelter is launching an urgent appeal after it calculated that homelessness in the south-eat had risen by 20% in the last year. Warning that figures are likely to be even higher, due to hidden homelessness which is not accounted for in the statistics.

Currently in Brighton and Hove, 4,074 people are in temporary accommodation, and 144 are sleeping rough, that’s a total of 4,218 of a population of 289,229. Ranking the city as the 20th worst in the country for homelessness.

Andy Winter, chief executive of Brighton Housing Trust, said: ‘These figures do not surprise me, but they sadden me deeply.

‘In one of the richest cities in one of the richest countries in the world, these figures highlight the human tragedy of homelessness as well the need for a radical change in government policy.

‘We need a fundamental change in approach and a massive programme of council house building.

‘Thank goodness that the majority of the 4,218 are not rough sleeping. As well as building new council houses, we need to prevent people losing their homes in the first place by continuing to ensure that housing and other advice services are properly funded.’

Polly Neate, CEO of Shelter said: ‘It’s shocking to think that today, almost 28,000 people in the South East are waking up homeless.

‘A trap that is tightening thanks to decades of failure to build enough affordable homes and the impact of welfare cuts.

‘As this crisis continues to unfold, the work of our frontline advisers remains absolutely critical.

Shelter says these figures do not include hidden homelessness, which due to being unrecorded is very difficult to quantify.

With over 300,000 homeless people in Britain, surely it is time to change our ideology, by demanding our government to build more affordable housing, and changing a home from a reward to a fundamental human right

To support Shelter’s appeal please visit or text SHELTER to 70080 to donate £3.

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