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NHS boss demands the money Brexit promised

The Chief Executive of the NHS, Simon Stevens has said that the government should provide them with the £350 Billion pounds that the Brexit campaign promised.

Mr Stevens made the statement while addressing health managers at the NHS Providers’ annual conference in Birmingham.

“You voted Brexit, partly for a better funded health service. But precisely because of Brexit, you now can’t have one.”

The infamous Brexit bus became one of the most iconic symbols of the referendum. But many accused the leave campaign of using fabrication to exploit uncertain voters.

Following the referendum, politicians including Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage became hesitant to show validity for the claims.

It is thought that once Britain exits the EU, there will be an initial financial dip that may mean a decline in funding for services like the NHS.

With the NHS already struggling over waiting times and staff pay, Mr Stevens said that if the government does not take action now the health service will reach crisis point.

Just last month saw NHS nurses protesting the pay gap and a 2016 Unison survey found that 75% of A & E staffing for trauma patients is failing targets.

He also warned that hospital waiting lists could reach five million by 2021.

The Government has promised NHS funding will increase by £8 Billion in 2022 but only for core services. There was no definite amount promised for training costs, stop smoking services and social care.

The inevitability of the continuing aging population will only add to the strain on the NHS over the next few years. Mr Stevens stressed that trust in government “will not be strengthened” if the budget announced in two weeks, does not meet the NHS’ needs.

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