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Weinstein and The Open Secret

HarveyWeinstein blog photo

Imagine, if in the background of some of your favourite films, your favourite movie stars were actually being sexually assaulted behind closed doors.
If you have seen any films from entertainment company Miramax, chances are that this was the case.
In the past 22 days, around 50 women have accused movie mogul – and former Miramax staff – Harvey Weinstein, of sexual harassment.
This series of events is shocking, but it’s because of the volume of women making allegations against Weinstein in such a short amount of time, and not because this is uncommon in Hollywood.
For most in Hollywood, this story isn’t news – it’s sensitive information made available for the general public.
The victims of Weinstein were even known in Hollywood as ‘Harvey’s Girls’ which just further proves that this was an open secret.
Stories coming out now, are stories from decades ago. This says a lot about the stigma put on this topic and lack of space available for victims to come forth.
But it’s not just Hollywood. Sexual harassment is way too common for a spotlight to be put in one place.
President Donald Trump and former real estate tycoon was elected President after women came forth accusing him of sexual harassment.
Not only that, but who can forget his declaratory “locker room talk” that he got away with way too easily.
In the past we have seen many get off the hook for such allegations, but punishment for such acts should be implemented no matter what.
We are being presented with a chance to the change the discourse on sexual assault, learning to deal with it better and unite to fight against victim blaming.
Either we seize this opportunity, or we let this trend pass and nothing will change because of it.

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