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Stranger Things Season 2

Since the original release back in July 2016, the Sci-Fi Horror show Stranger Things has taken over the internet.

Stranger Things has become one of the most watched Netflix original series of all time, with over 8 million people watching it within the first 16 days of it being released.

The Duffer Brothers, Matt and Ross have stated that the amount of love and support for the series has been humbling as well as unexpected.

The success for the franchise does not stop there, it managed to win 8 out of 15 Emmy awards including; Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series, Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series and Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.

“The Montauk Project” was the original name for the show which was taken from the supposed real life government projects which were allegedly carrying out experiments which focused on psychological warfare procedures, as well as experiments concerning time travel and mind control.

Apparently it’s only getting stranger for Eleven and the boys in the new season which has been released on Netflix today. The new season totals nine episodes with intriguing titles including “Trick or Treat, Freak” and “Madmax.”

The overwhelming success has allowed season two to bring with it a bigger budget, extravagant twists in the story line, emotional character development and jaw dropping special effects. Numerous new characters also enter the scene to further develop the shows storyline and scope.

#StrangerThings2 is currently trending on Twitter as fans of the show their excitement and love for the show online.

@Yvng_adam16 tweeted: “Help me. I haven’t moved in three hours.”

Lets hope this second season surpasses the long awaited hype and expectations of the dedicated fanbase.

All of the episodes are available to watch now over on Netflix meaning viewers can choose to binge watch or take their time viewing this new exciting instalment.


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