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“Me too” – the social media hashtag exposing the extent of sexual harassment

When the allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein first surfaced at the beginning of October 2017, no one could have imagined the enormity of the situation that would follow.

Personal stories and accounts soon came flooding in from women of all walks of life under the hashtag #MeToo, exposing the extent to which sexual harassment occurs.

Actor Alyssa Milano started the movement on social media by asking her twitter followers to write ‘Me too’ as a status in order to “give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem”.

Not only did this movement bring out stories from people in the public eye, but it also included millions of men and women from normal walks of life sharing their stories as they finally felt able to speak out.

Nearly 68,000 people have so far replied to theoriginal tweet and the #MeToo has been used more than one million times in the US, Europe and Middle East.

Other hashtags have been generated around the world, which follow the same idea such as #WomenWhoRoar.

The story which started off being about one man, has grown into a discussion surrounding the behaviour seen towards women from all over the world.

The initial story of Harvey Weinstein has developed and grown since it was first released in a New York Times article – with only yesterday another actress and model coming forward to accuse Weinstein of rape.

Weinstein issued a statement, when the allegations first came out, denying all allegations of non- consensual sex.

Cabinet ministers in Westminster, have today been named by female staff in a secret Whatsapp group as sex-pests.

Female staff joined up in order to share stories and warn new colleagues of inappropriate bosses – this news also comes after the #MeToo which has empowered women to have the confidence to speak out.



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