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Documents released shedding light on JFK assassination

Today marks the end of over 50 years of the mystery surrounding the JFK assassination.

After allegedly being shot dead by suspected killer Lee Harvey Oswold in Dallas, 1963, there has been a myriad of conspiracy theories that have evolved.

President Trump has now approved the declassification of almost 3000 files surrounding this case – many of which scrutinise the truth behind what really happened on that fateful day.

The documents include receipts and financial accounts, as well as a long report on the CIA assassination plots – most notably the FBIs warning of a death threat to Lee Harvey Oswold.

This document suggests that the Dallas police failed to protect Oswold even after an FBI warning.  A memo by director J Edgar Hoover says “Last night we received a call in our Dallas office from a man talking in a calm voice and saying he was a member of a committee organized to kill Oswald.”

Although these documents were supposed to shed some light onto the events surrounding the assassination, a number of people are now concerned about the legibility. Many people took to social media to share their frustration.

@MikeShoag tweeted “The new JFK records are completely illegible – poor scans. Almost like they don’t want us to read them.”

@JenniferWayne also tweeted that “Every page of the JFK docs is so illegible through poor copy quality, meanwhile we have Tweets that will last eternal.”

Some files are still being held by Trump, who says that it is a matter “national security, law enforcement and foreign affairs concerns.”



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