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Study shows pesto pasta’s salt is worse than a McDonald’s hamburger

A recent study has shown that McDonald’s famous hamburger shockingly contains less salt than the family favourite of pesto pasta.

Action group, Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH), analysed the salt levels in different pesto sauces from well-known supermarkets.

Worryingly, the average serving of pesto contains around 1.5g of salt, whereas the guilty pleasure of a McDonald’s hamburger, contains 1.2g of salt in comparison.

With cases like this, it raises the question of do we actually know what is doing us more harm than good when it comes to eating and drinking?

Whilst many companies are attempting to cut down on salt levels within their foods, across supermarkets, many products are still astonishingly high with salt.

Even common everyday food products like, tinned tomato soup and cheddar cheese have shown an increase in salt over recent years.

Many products can be deceptive unless you examine their ingredients, with packaging often being a big misleading factor.

People are usually drawn to products that are labelled as ‘fat free’, but unfortunately there is usually added sugar or sodium to enhance the flavouring.

Smoothies are potentially one of the most deceiving products.

Whilst many contain real fruits and healthy vitamins, the sugar levels in these drinks are sky high.

One of the popular brands for smoothies is Naked Juice, but their 450ml ‘Naked Juice Green Machine’ contains 53 grams of sugar, approximately 13 teaspoons, it sounds a lot considering the average daily intake is only 30 grams!

Having these products once in a while is fine but can potentially lead to severe health problems in the future, with this in mind, is it worth paying more attention to the ingredients’ label on the side of our food and drinks?

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