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Should England introduce an opt-out system for organ donation?

Currently, anyone in England who wishes to donate their organs after they die has to ‘opt-in’.

However, ministers have announced that there will be a consultation on introducing an opt-out system in England.

Is this the way forward for organ donations or taking away a person’s right to choose?

To answer this bluntly, no, you are not taking away a person’s right to choose.

A person still has the right to choose whether to opt out or to stay opted in.

The new proposed system, will see an adults body used for transplants after they die, unless they choose to opt out.

Last year in England, 457 people died on the organ transplant list the NHS revealed.

Wales introduced this system back in 2015 but only as a soft opt out, meaning if the individuals family objects to the removal of their organs, then the donation does not take place.

In June, Scotland announced that they will introduce a similar system after a government consultation found 82% of people were in favour.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has said that it believes an opt out scheme would lead to an increase in organ donation.

So surely it is time we held the consultation and shifted the presumption, in favour of organ donation?

The department of health confirmed a consultation, which would last 12 weeks, would take place later this year.

However, with 6,500 people on the transplant list surely we need to move quicker?

Labour MP Dan Jarvis said, during a parliamentary debate on organ donation: “England must now move to an opt-out system. The evidence is clear – hundreds of people a year are paying the price of us not doing so.”

Hopefully the consultation will make people think about organ donation and the great things it will bring.

On average 3 people die a day due to not getting an organ donation they so desperately need.

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