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Ryanair boss offers pilots a pay-rise to stay

The boss of Ryanair has offered pilots better pay, after having to recently cancel thousands of flights.

Mr O’Leary apologised to the pilots in a letter, promising ‘a better future’ and encouraging them not to leave the airline.

The airline was left without enough pilots to fly all the scheduled flights in September and October when they forced employees to take their remaining annual leave before the end of the year.

The pay rise has been offered in a bid to try and get pilots to stay, along with ‘significant improvements’ to their contracts as an incentive.

Mr O’Leary had previously said staff were ‘full of their own self-importance’ following reports of crew leaving for other airlines.

But after all this, would you settle for more pay?

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>This is good news however I hope the same level of consideration will be given to improving the pay and conditions of their cabin crew!</p>&mdash; Steven 🇬🇧 (@stevewilson1982) <a href=””>October 6, 2017</a></blockquote> //

Many of Ryanair’s 4,200 pilots joined unions in the past two weeks because of how unhappy they were with the severe disruptions and cancellations caused by the changes to rotas.

Other offers include loyalty bonus payments over 12 months, improved rotas and better compensation for when pilots have to work away from their home base.

In the letter to pilots, Mr O’Leary explained how Ryanair was a ‘secure employer’ and asked them not to join ‘less financially secure or Brexit-challenged’ competitor airlines.

Do you believe right now that the future of Ryanair is really THAT secure?

This comes about just as EasyJet announced today they saw record numbers of passengers over the summer.

They recorded 24.1 million passengers from July to the end of September and that 95.6% of seats were filled.

But is booking Ryanair too risky now? Consequently, many have been put off booking with the airline, but their low prices make it difficult to consider forking out much more to fly with other airlines.

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