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OPINION: Theresa May reaches for the youth vote, but is it too late?


With the autumn political party conferences well under way, the media has not been kind to our Prime Minister.
On Wednesday, Theresa May battled against poor set design, protesters handing out P45s, and a tickly throat to deliver her leaders speech, where many promises were given.
But are they all going to be kept?

One such promise is to freeze tuition fees for students.
The PM is also vowing to increase the repayment threshold from £21,000 a year, to £25,000, meaning that poorer graduates will be better off.

The tripling of the cost of tuition fees back in 2012 was one of the tory’s many austerity measures which went too far.
Before the increase, it cost British students £3,000 a year to study an undergraduate degree. And before that, in 2006, students were only charged £1,000 a year to study at university.

The fee increase has been elevated far beyond year on year inflation, and has pushed many low-income 18 year olds away from choosing to study further education.

It now costs up to £9250 a year to study. After finishing a three-year degree and adding in maintenance loans, most graduates end up with a debt of over £50,000, a figure which has doubled in the past four years.

Theresa May’s pledge to freeze tuition fees is one attempt to tempt the massive amount of young voters who came out in droves during June’s general election.

During the general election, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party amassed the highest turnout of 16-25 voters in 25 years, and it’s no surprise that the youth are a concern for the conservatives, many of whom support Corbyn’s liberal agenda.

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Vicky is a third year journalism student living in Brighton

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