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No more print Glamour magazine?

Glamour have announced that they are leaving the monthly magazine editions behind and are focusing on producing online content.

After 16 years of hitting instant success when meeting news stands and rapidly becoming the top seller magazine in the UK, they have decided that it is time that they move on with the time and join the digital media hype.

It has surfaced that the way readers are “living their life today” makes it more convenient for articles and information to be solely based online.

Naturally, we have all become more familiar with getting news and information on our phones or through other online platforms leading to us less interested in picking up a hard-copy and reading it.

Despite getting rid of the monthly print editions, they will be producing print for the hard-back magazine lovers twice a year, spring and autumn.

So has print news officially died?

I think so!

Having the freedom of reading something on our phone is more appropriate when on the move in our busy lives.

Simon Gresham Jones, chief digital officer of Conde Nast Britain said: “We look forward to inspiring the Glamour audience in new ways.”

We also have the ability to share and talk about it with our friends over social media creating more conversation and interaction with each other.

Who doesn’t love a gossip?

Besides the great news of it moving online, we do have to consider what will happen to many employee’s jobs who have spent many years working on this legendary magazine.

The last monthly magazine edition will be published this November.

Glamour may be the first one to make the big move, I wonder who will follow in their footsteps?

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