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Netflix Prices are going up for the first time in two years

Have a premium subscription for Netflix? Well in 30 days you’re going to be paying more for the service in the UK.

But if you have a basic plan, then don’t worry because it will be staying at £5.99 per month, it’s the standard and premium members who will have to fork out more to watch their favourite shows and movies.

A standard plan is rising by 50p, making it £7.99 to watch in HD and on two screens at a time.

The premium plan for four simultaneous users will become £9.99 a month, £1 more than users currently pay.

The higher prices will be put into action from today for new users, but if you’re a current user, you’ll be notified of the change 30 days in advance.

It’s due to 1,000 hours of original content being added to the site this year.

Almost everyone I know has a Netlflix account or has access to one somehow, so it’s no surprise twitter is raging after even the small increase.




They’ve focused heavily on original programmes like Stranger things, The Crown and House of Cards, and still promises 40 feature films this year ranging from big-budget films to smaller, independent cinema.

It’s surprising that Netlfix is still priced so reasonably, even with the new changes.

For the amount of content and availability, it’s still considered cheaper than competitors Amazon- who charge a £7.99 subscription fee as their basic membership, but not everything on the site is included.

It’s easy to see Netflix is still very much on top, but will the price increases change how we use the service?

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