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Is your mobile affecting your mood?

Who’d have thought that the little Nokia’s we grew up with would end up evolving into a device that would dominate the lives of the nation?

Mobile phones have become a major component in many of our lives,but have they excelled their original use?

A device that revolutionized the ability to contact friends and family is now used for just about everything: social media, bus tickets, shopping and even dating.

More people are now realising that our obsession with our phones isn’t doing our mood or mental health any good, and the same probably applies to other aspects of our life such as relationships and personal development.


One study recorded the emotions participants experienced when receiving notifications on their phone; a third of these people felt that these notifications triggered negative emotions such as anxiety and hostility.

Not only can mobile phone notifications be an issue for users, but the lack of such can also contribute towards feelings of loneliness.

According to another study, those who use their smartphone more frequently are more prone to moodiness, materialism, temperamental behaviour.

This, however, could work both ways.

There’s also a lot of debate about younger people using their phones, especially in school, with one boarding school in Surrey banning phones for certain years.

Phones are seen by some as an easy way to control the youth at school, making them more docile at break times.

Which is unfortunate because it isn’t natural for us to grow up spending half our life looking at a screen, and that seems applicable for any age group.


The big problems with mobiles are also the obsession with social media it has created, which also can have a dampening affect on mood and self-esteem, especially so for apps like Instagram.

Smartphones are everywhere and almost everyone in the Western world has one, but are enough people aware what it’s doing to our moods and how’s its affecting real life?

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