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Dear Cat-callers

There are many things that have changed throughout evolution, yet there are still many primitive things that remain, one of those,  being catcalling.

Maybe once-upon-a-time making noises at a woman you find attractive was a good way of letting them know you wanted to mate, but in the 21st century it would be nice to think that as humans we have developed our speech (and sense of dignity) enough to go about it a different way.

A 20 year old student living in Amsterdam has recently shown, through a month long project, that catcalling is still a huge issue affecting young women especially.

Throughout the project, Noa Jansma took a selfie with multiple men that catcalled her and posted it on Instagram, with the photo being captioned as whatever they had called at her.

Despite the fact there’s over twenty photos of different men, individuals and groups, the photos on social media don’t represent every single time Noa was catcalled.

Sometimes she felt too afraid to approach the men for pictures, other times they had already passed by before she got chance.

The former point expresses a common even more concerning thing about catcalling.

Women and girls who have discovered the project have come together, some to try and make a collective change, others to share their similar unfortunate experiences.

It’s great that people are raising awareness, but I can’t help but feel angry and saddened when I come across certain responses.

Ones like “You don’t understand that it is man’s nature to confront women.”

I can tell that as a society we have a long way to go in terms of preventing the objectification of women and sexist views that people still hold, but Amsterdam are planning to put a fine in place for cat-callers in 2018, hopefully this will be the start of change.

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