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Are Saudi Arabian woman closer to equal human rights?

Over half of the Saudi Arabian population is made up of women who do not have equal human rights.


For over a decade female rights activists have tried to obtain new opportunities in the hope of a step towards better equalities between men and women.


After going through a long period of discrimination and suffering criticism from many western countries, woman are finally allowed to obtain a drivers licence.


In fact, king Salman has officially issued a decree permitting local authorities to give women a driver’s licence within 30 days.


However, does this mean that women are now on their way to obtaining equal human rights? Something they have long waited for.


Although women have been allowed to vote and stand as candidates in municipal elections in 2015, as well as now being able to drive; it doesn’t mean their public presence isn’t still restricted.


Women still need a man’s permission for major decisions, which according to the Human Rights Watch is still: “the most significant impediment to realising women’s rights in the country.”


With the guardianship system still running in the country, the question arises whether women will also need to get permission from men to obtain driver’s lessons?


According to a CNN report, the government will still have until the 24th of June 2018 to implement these new rules leaving many questions as to whether ALL women will be able to drive or if they will need a man’s permission.


Aside from the fact that Saudi Arabian woman will finally have an opportunity to drive, we cannot forget that they are still not allowed to show their beauty having to wear an abaya, a long cloak and a head scarf.

They are even forbidden to go for a swim, to interact with men, to compete in sports and even to try on clothes while shopping.


Is this really a step towards equal human rights for Saudi Arabian women or are there still too many obstacles left?

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