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Top French climber setting routes for Boulder Brighton’s fourth birthday

French climber Yann Genoux and British athlete Leah Crane are due to set  the routes for competitions at Boulder Brighton’s birthday event this Saturday.

There will be various competitions for anyone over four years old at the rock climbing gym in Portslade.

Anyone aged four or older can enter  the various competitions being held at the rock climbing gym as it celebrates its fourth birthday.

Director and owner Tom Bauer said that everyone is welcome to spectate the rare event that has attracted to some of the best climbers across the country.

Mr Bauer said: “Not a lot of people can watch these competitions as they normally happen in places like Manchester where they have more natural rock so it should be a special event, particularly for local enthusiasts.

“Bouldering is really easy to get into and people have jumped at the chance to have a go here.”

From 10am there will be a under 16s competition which will run until 1pm, while the open and fun competitions which are directed more towards adults start at 2pm, before the final at 7pm. The organisers say the open competition is more suited to people who have climbed before and there is a £1,000 cash prize for the winners of the men’s and women’s divisions.

Mr Bauer built the company with his friend and fellow director, James Gomez in 2013 after meeting at Oxford University and climbing together across the world. The pair first thought of the idea in 2005 when they were unable to complete a difficult climb in Norway. In 2012 they decided to turn their dream into reality and the company opened its doors in March 2013.

For more information, visit

The organisers point out that climbing at the centre is not recommended for under 7s, particularly during competitions. For more on getting children climbing please see the website:”


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