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Troubled start for President Trump

Trump’s presidential reign has got off to an awkward start as ‘The Donald’ is embroiled in yet more controversy.

From clashing with the media and the FBI, angry twitter messages, widespread political protest across the US and overseas and a failure to release his tax returns causing an uproar – it has been a testing start for the 45th President of the United States.

Even his inauguration failed to draw the same numbers as his predecessor Barak Obama, causing newly appointed White House press secretary Sean Spicer to lash out at journalists’ at the first formal press conference.

The President’s stance, or at least the stance of his team, is that there appears to be an agenda against the former reality TV star with White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus being recently quoted as saying that there was: “an obsession… to de-legitimise this president. We’re not going to sit around and take it.”

Trump has already made history by becoming the oldest, richest and least politically experienced President the US has ever had.

Even his wife, former Slovenian model Melania is the first non-native English speaking First Lady of the United States.

However, with all these political storms hitting the Oval Office so early into his presidential career, perhaps a change in tactic could help ease the strains of transitioning from candidate to commander-in-chief.

What worked for Trump as a contender may not necessarily work for him as President as now he is faced with actually having the power to act on his many promises made during his campaign.

His speech at his inauguration promised an “end to empty talk” and “power to the people”.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Trump will make good on those promises and deliver for the American people.

Image cc: Gage Skidmore 



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