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Far right extremists detained in Germany for planning attacks

Two men got detained in a federal police raid in Germany against a far-right extremist organisation.

The men are believed to have planned attacks on Jews, Refugees and the German police since spring 2016.

The Federal Prosecutor’s office is also investigating in the case of six suspects for engaging in the far-right extreme group. The leader of the group is a self-proclaimed Celtic druid.

The Police has undergone investigations in Berlin and five other states in Germany. During the federal raid, weapons and explosives were seized but no evidence for the concrete planning of attacks was found.

The 62-year-old leader is known for publishing hate speeches and anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic messages on social media. According to German newspapers, he was in possession of weapons and ammunition and called for armed attacks against Jews and Muslims.

The men have connected over social media and are linked to the extremist group ‘Reichsbürger’ (Citizens of the Reich). The group does not recognise the legitimacy of the German Republic but believes in the former German empire (Reich) of 1937.

The organisation has over 10 000 followers of which 500 to 600 members are known to be right-wing extremists. In October last year, a member of the group shot a police officer and harmed three others in Georgsgmünd in South Germany.

Today, it will be decided whether a warrant for arrest against the two detained men will be released.

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