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Donald Trump: torture “absolutely works”

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The US President Donald Trump said he wants to bring back waterboarding and other torture techniques, as he believes they “absolutely” work.

In an interview for ABC News President Trump said: “I want to do everything within the bounds of what you’re allowed to do legally.”

Later Trump also claimed he was preparing to re-open the CIA’s ‘black sites’, which were used to torture terrorism suspects during the Bush administration, but were closed down by President Obama.

Any type of torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading acts or punishments are illegal under the United Convention against Torture 1984 and Article 3 of the Geneva Convention.

However, the only restriction on torture in the US law is the executive order signed by President Obama in 2009, which requires interrogations to follow the Army Field Manual. Executive orders can be easily turned over by any succeeding presidents.

According to the CBS News Poll from 2014, 49% of respondents believed that aggressive tactics like waterboarding are justified, with 67% believing these techniques can “sometimes prevent terrorist acts”.

A 6700-page long report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation programme by the US Senate Intelligence Committee released in 2014 revealed that the US intelligence would torture detainees by not only waterboarding, but playing “Russian Roulette” and would threaten prisoners with tools like power drills.

The conclusion of the report showed these tactics to be ineffective when trying to conceive valuable information.

With Theresa May about to meet Donald Trump on Friday, the Prime Minister is being urged to make it clear to President Trump that UK will not condone or get involved in torturing.

During the Prime Minister Questions on 25th of January, Theresa May assured the MPs: “We have a very clear position on torture.

“We do not sanction torture, we do not get involved with that and that will continue to be our position.”

There are fears that Theresa May might tiptoe around this question in order to strike a good trade deal with President Trump.

Theresa May will be meeting President Trump on Friday, the 27th of January.



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