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China investing to become Football Superpower

The Chinese Super League has been attracting high-profile players with astronomical amounts of money being invested to try to establish China as a destination for football’s elite.

 Day after day this transfer window, a premier league star is linked with a move to the China, with Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure the latest name linked with a big-money move

 The likes of Oscar, Axel Witsel, Hulk and Carlos Tevez have made a move to the Far East, with Tevez on a reported eye-watering wage of £615,000 per week at Shanghai Shenhua – almost double the wages of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

 Chinese Clubs are trying to outspend each other in ridiculous displays of financial muscle to boost the profile of the league around the world.

 However, with the Chinese government latest’s rule changes, it could spell the end for high profile names moving so frequently and for so much money.

 The new proposals issued by the Chinese Football Association mean only three foreign players may play in any given Chinese Super League (CSL) match in an attempt to curb investment in foreign talent and nurture domestic players.

 These rule changes have caused chaos amongst some Chinese clubs who have already invested large amounts of money in foreign talents and are now left with the predicament of trying to fit them all in and keep everyone happy.

 International interest in the league may also start to dwindle if this foreign influx of players start to drop which could be detrimental to China’s attempts to become a football superpower, as they need to create TV broadcast revenue.

 As well as investing in high-profile players, China have also sanctioned large-scale investment in footballing academies across the country to boost their chances of creating quality ‘home-grown’ players and increase the base level of football in the China as a whole.

 It remains to be seen whether China’s investment in football will continue at this frantic pace or whether domestic and foreign interest will wane and see the league and the nation’s hope of becoming a footballing powerhouse crumble.


Image cc: Wikipedia


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