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President Trump’s war with the media

Newly elected US President Donald Trump’s war against the media continues to rumble on.

Following claims from various media outlets that Trump had less people attending his inauguration than President Obama’s in 2009, the new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, raged at journalists claiming they were deliberately releasing false reports.

Mr. Trump’s hate towards the media is not new; the President frequently spoke of his distain towards them throughout his campaign and recently said they are “amongst the most dishonest human beings on earth.”

The role of both journalists and media institutions is to question and report for the people. The Trump administration are not about to engage in a ceasefire and this means the American people will continue to question everything the media publishes.

President Trump is trying to shape the minds of the public into the thought process of treating journalists as enemies and this should not be the case in any democracy.

This sets a dangerous precedent, Mr President. You cannot continue to dismiss facts that you do not like and blame the media. On Monday, the President told congressional leaders at his first official meeting that millions of unauthorized immigrant voters stopped him from receiving the popular vote. That Mr President is a lie.

Mr. Trump appears to think that the public feel his presidency is illegitimate despite just getting the keys to the most sought after property in Washington.

Trump’s administration will no doubt continue their war on the media and everything they publish about him. Journalism plays the ultimate role in democracy of reporting fact and it may be about time the President remembers that.

Spicer’s claim that you can ‘disagree with facts’ is incorrect. Trump’s inauguration did not receive the same crowd numbers Obama’s did in 2009. It would be worth remembering to Trump supporters and the President himself that facts are facts.

CC: Image courtesy of Flickr

CC: Image courtesy of Flickr

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