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‘NO-Choice’ with Trump and his Cabinet

As one of his first acts as the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump signs a law that prohibits funding to foreign health care organisations that offer abortion counselling.

On Monday, Trump signed the so-called ‘global gag rule’, surrounded by eight male members of his cabinet.

During his presidential campaign, Trump has repeatedly voiced his anti-abortion attitude. Trump’s cabinet is mutually supporting his ‘pro-life’ stand and advocates his opposition to abortion rights in the US.

Only two days prior this decision, women’s marches took place all over America and the rest of the world in order to fight gender inequality and the discrimination of racial and religious minorities.

Especially reproductive rights and access to affordable abortion were on the agenda of the marches.

Abortion is a legal right in the United States, however this right can be restricted by the government of each US state.

Trump calls himself a ‘pro-life’ president. His decision to sign a law that cuts the funding for abortion counselling sends a clear message to ‘pro-choice’ supporters.

It undermines the individual rights of women to decide over their own bodies, which the Royal College of Midwives stresses: ‘Every woman should have the right to exercise choice over all aspects of her maternity care, including whether to have a baby or not’.

Especially in poorer countries, charities who support abortion rely on US funding. It is vital to support those organisations, as many women are not in the position to bring up a child due to factors such as rape, economical struggles or simply personal choices.

It should be the individual right of each women to decide over her body rather than being taken away that choice by the lack of funding or the state government.

It is pretentious that such a law is signed by a white and privileged male, surrounded by only men, none of whom will ever have to put up with the struggles an expecting woman has to encounter as she loses rights over her body.

On his first day as the President of the United States, Trump opens a tenure of gender inequality and inhumanity.

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