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‘Special relationship’: why May and Trump are more alike than you think

With Theresa May and Donald Trump’s first official meeting coming up on Friday –  these two Heads of Government are a lot more alike than it seems first hand.

The Head of Government meeting this Friday seems like a poor attempt by 10 Downing Street to prove the existence of the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the US. The UK is, after all, desperate for a good trade deal with Uncle Sam as the shadow of Brexit looms over, and the betrayed European neighbours are turning away.

Putting bad wigs and leather trousers aside – it looks like these two should get along. One – an Oxbridge graduate, another – a Manhattan billionaire, they couldn’t be further removed from the public they are representing.  Both May and Trump have vowed to unite their respective countries, pledged to fight injustice and make the government work for everyone, promising to put their country first. However, both May and Trump plans seem to be all air, no substance.

In her Brexit speech last week Theresa May has announced the UK is going to leave the single market as if no one knew that already. She is promising ‘certainty wherever possible’, but her own plans for Brexit are as uncertain as ever. Trump on the other hand just reaches for pies in the skies – he has claimed that he will bring back the coal industry “100 percent” in his first 100 days as President. I guess we will see about that in 96 days, Donald.

Trump seems to have little understanding of foreign affairs – he keeps lumping Iran, a Shiite nation (a threat nonetheless, but of a different kind), with the Sunni militants of IS and Al Qaeda together, when in fact these two religious groups are arch enemies. May on the other hand doesn’t understand foreign affairs, or doesn’t really care much about them, which Boris Johnson’s appointment as foreign secretary clearly shows.

With their wishy-washy views, their policies and opinions seem to be based more on wishful thinking than facts. Let’s just hope that will help Donald and Theresa get along in their quest to make their countries great again.

Image cc: Policy Exchange

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