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Could Climate Change Trigger Another Refugee Crisis?

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With devastating natural disasters resulting from climate change, will this contribute to mass migration levels?

Undeniably, climate change is vastly becoming the 21st century’s biggest threat to our planet, but could this dangerous concept also create another worrying refugee crisis? Senior military figures have recently admitted that we will definitely witness a crisis at an ‘unimaginable’ rate, so it is our responsibility to ensure this will never happen.

With the sea level rising at a rapid rate, just one meter would immediately cover 20% of grounds in smaller nations. Evidently, countries across the world will be at the forefront of global warming, and this itself has already created a large number of migrations, resulting to residents fleeing their homes due food scarcity and water shortage.

Oceans have become warmer, ice caps are melting, and droughts are now a recurring event. These issues have already contributed to millions of Syrian farmers being forced to move to overcrowded cities, so could this create a global chain effect of ‘environmental refugees’?

Our attitude towards the current Syrian refugees has been far from consensual, turning away individuals in desperate need to escape from national hostility. But this has created a cause for concern as to whether the victims of climate change will be treated with any form of compassion.

Global warming is excessively developing, and many individual’s instant reaction to transport themselves to safer nations would be an obvious solution for all. However, we cannot disregard that this may accelerate the threat to security by provoking both conflict and migration, the crucial elements leading to another refugee crisis.

This moment in time, we still cannot be sure as to an exact figure of people being displaced due to climate change, but with the estimates rating between 25 million to 1 billion, a possible humanitarian crisis is something that should not be avoided.


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