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Trump’s Grandfather was banished from Germany

A German historian recently discovered a Royal decree ordering Donald Trump’s grandfather to leave Germany and to never return.

Accompanying the decree is a hand written letter from, the then Friedrich Trumpf, begging the Bavarian Prince Luitpold to allow him to stay in the country.

In 1905, the recently elected president’s grandfather was denied residency in Germany and was forced to make a life in ‘the land of opportunity.’ And indeed, he went on to earn the Trump’s fortunes.

The document the former Mr. Trump received ordered him to leave Germany within 8 weeks’ due to failing to complete his mandatory military service. Having first left Germany in 1885 at 16 years old, Trump failed to de-register from his hometown Kallstadt.

Trump’s grandfather had paved the way for his grandson in moving to America, as after 2 generations of Trumps, Donald was declared a natural-born citizen.

After World War Two was over, just after Donald Trump was born, the Trump family denied their German heritage and instead claimed to be Swedish.

And we may have continued to believe in Trump’s ‘Swedish’ ancestry if these historically defining documents had not come to light.

The xenophobic president who plans to deport 11 million ‘criminal aliens’ (whatever this means), success is built on the fact that his grandfather was denied entry to his country, despite addressing the Bavarian leader as “well-loved, noble, wise and just”.

The German Authorities of the early 1900’s could never have expected that allowing the late Fredrick Trump’s ‘most subservient request’ to remain in Kallstadt may have saved the planet from the era of Trump’s presidency. The German citizens may joke about the part they played in the election of the USA’S new president, but they are not eager to claim Trump as one of their own.



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