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Biblical weather fitting way to end 2016


Over the weekend, the south of England has been hit by adverse weather conditions in the form of Storm Angus, with winds upwards of 84mph.

Wayward scaffolding has impaled stationary vehicles, and roofs of buildings have collapsed under the pressure.

The rain has been biblical and refuses to subside leading the Environment Agency to put out 75 flood warnings across the majority of England and Wales.

Brighton’s coastline is rivalling Huntington and Bondi beach for the best surf spots right now with waves crashing in at 5 foot tall.

Landslides, flooding and fallen trees have given commuters even more reason to not use the substandard train service provided around the country with TransPennine Express discouraging travel “unless absolutely necessary”.

It comes at a most crucial time as 2016 transitions into its final act.

After making the decision shocking decision to leave the European Union, voting Donald Trump into The Oval Office and now it’s looking likely that the French will maintain the alt-right movement through Marine Le Pen, it seems only fitting that a great flood breaks out for the wickedness of man.

It’s fair to say that 2016 has not been the best year for peace on Earth and what’s scariest is the air of uncertainty at the moment.

It’s very alarming to see the rhetoric spewing from the Republican rallies, and even on the streets of Britain, reports of hate crimes have increased dramatically.

What’s scariest, The Donald hasn’t even moved into The White House yet, nor has Article 50 been triggered.

But the value of the pound is down, Americans are protesting in their thousands, and rightly so people are scared of these uncertain times.

All we can do is build the Ark to ride out this storm.


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