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Hate Speech is not Free Speech in Trump’s America

What kind of United States will Donald Trump shape in 2017?

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The recent success of President-elect Donald Trump has seen a sudden rise in hate crime across the United States towards minorities and LGBT people.

Could this be seen as a direct result of the election, or a way of far right voters legitimising their use of xenophobia in everyday society?

While it is still too early to report any specific figures, social media has highlighted a significant increase in discriminatory attacks following the election result on November 9th.

African Americans, Muslims and members of the LGBT community have been victim to a stream of incidents, with voters believing they have no place in the US now Trump has been elected.

Some of these occurences involved the marking of Nazi propaganda on public property, armed robberies and politically motivated assault, according to reports across Facebook and Twitter.


David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Clan, decreed the election of Trump as the “greatest day ” of his life in a recent tweet.

Having the official endorsement of a renown white supremacist has led to Trump receiving abundant criticism throughout his campaign.

The immediate surge of racial attacks is not dissimilar to the Brexit result earlier this year, which saw a 41 percent rise in hate crime throughout the UK.

Both Brexit and the US Election saw a nation divided over the issues of national economy and immigration, with political parties arguing for both sides of the debate.

Whether or not these fears were driven by tabloid lies or legitimate concerns remains to be seen, as does the fulfilment of Trump’s presidency and the UK’s exit from The European Union.

It is far too soon to tell whether a similar increase in hate crime will be recorded across the US in the coming weeks, yet it’s a clear sign of the America Trump may shape in 2017.

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