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The Benefit Cap: Why We Need to Protect those Effected

The new benefit cap has left families up to £6000 worse off and more isolated than ever.

Yesterday, the net fell on those in the welfare system as the new benefit cap was initiated.

As part of the new Universal Credits scheme, the cap is an apparent ‘incentive’ to get dependants back to work.

Theresa May leaves no family unturned.  Single parents, the disabled community and those let down by the education and foster system will be subjects to this social welfare experiment.

This symbolises more than the eroding of the welfare system but the eroding of modern day empathy, digressing back to an almost Victorian attitude.

People have been blinded by the portrayal of the classic lazy benefit scrounger and fraudulent benefit thief.

In true political style, Damian Green labels this move an incentive but with the end of Work Allowance earlier this year it really seems more of a threat.

The rise of food banks and breakfast clubs for children marks the desperation of families and this is only set to get worse.

The new cap means a household, no matter how many occupants, will receive no more than £20,000 per year, or £23,000 if in London.

This may seem a reasonable amount, but for a single mother of three, that’s a meagre £5000 per head for living expenses.

Realistically there needs to be a cut-off point but targeting the most vulnerable and using threatening actions to do so is extremely unfair.

The new cap signifies how out of touch May’s government is with the public. Those most in need of support to thrive and contribute to society have been labelled burdens and isolated without a voice.

The system is flawed, civil servants are learning on the job and those in need of money to live are exasperated.

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