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Uber was going to come to Brighton eventually, why are we acting so surprised?

Uber, with a valuation of over £50 billion, has become the private car service to use other than taxi services. From its beginning in 2008, the company has spread worldwide, launching in all major cities and becoming a main talking point within mainstream media regarding its acquisition takeover.

Shortly after Uber came to London, black cab drivers rebelled and protested. Why? Business was being stolen, the company’s renowned tax avoidance and plus, its new and this has happened all very quickly. It seems to a common theme, for anything pushing the boundaries of established systems to be shunned and questioned. Of course, there are negative stems linked with Uber, as with any big company but it’s naive to neglect the revolutionary aspect of the application.

Last year, after a day of representations from taxi companies and Uber, Brighton and Hove City Council’s licencing committee agreed to give it a one-year licence. This licence was set to expire on November 4 of this year, but last week the council had confirmed that Uber had applied to renew its licence – unfortunately, there has been no date given for the application to be decided.

Like Uber, Brighton & Hove Buses, Streamline and City Cabs all have apps but what is undoubtable, is the fact that this progressive technology has not and will not be challenged in terms of convenience. It was inevitable that it would land in Brighton – it will rival local taxi unions, it will cause a storm but it’s safe, it’s reliable and it’s genuinely, a nicer experience.

You can see a picture of your driver upon request, you’re told what car they will be in, their number plate, even a star rating. New and forward-thinking competition is positive, not negative.

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