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Is Trump back in the race?

The revelation that the FBI will be investigating newly discovered emails from Hillary Clinton could potentially be a fatal blow on this year’s Halloween horror special that is the 2016 US election.

Only last week, Clinton was ahead on almost every major poll by as much as twelve points, a deficit many believed simply couldn’t be toppled in the two weeks before election day. For the Democrats, Donald Trump was beaten, ready to ‘think about’ accepting the result of a democracy in his coffin on Trump Tower.

But the 650,000 emails found on the laptop of top Clinton aid Huma Abedin, has cut her lead in the polls to just one point; providing the climactic final week to truly rival any Hollywood script.

Despite the drama this blog is possibly overplaying to the average British reader, the emails collected could in fact have no connection to the previous investigations on the democratic nominee.

The content of the emails themselves will most likely be useless to either party at this stage, as the investigation will almost surely drag well beyond election day.

The murder weapon in this script may not even exist. The FBI’s official inquiry alone legitimises Trump’s favourite motto in the eyes of his supporters, that Hillary is ‘crooked’.

The key question is will the undecided and even democratic voters view the announcement in the same way. Unbelievably, the numerous allegations of sexual harassment by Trump seem to be disappearing in the general soundtrack of the election, replaced by the loud cries of “lock her up” heard throughout the republicans rally this morning.

The polls have rarely been a completely accurate indication of public opinion, and have been equally dismissed and boasted by both nominees. However, for the sake of election fever, this final stretch officially unpredictable.

By Basho Anvari

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