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Coperforma continues to flop by losing contract with Sussex Hospital

the%20royal%20sussex%20county%20hospital_1by Marc Craig


A patient transport service regularly criticised for delays in taking patients to hospital has lost its contract.


The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who looks after the contract said it’ll be a “managed transition” to South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS).


Sussex MP’s have spoken out on the issue. Huw Merriman said Coperforma had “effectively given up the ghost” regarding the contract, whilst Peter Kyle expressed doubts of the transition from Coperforma to SCAS, “I can’t say yet that I have full confidence the transfer will be smooth”.


Another Sussex MP Maria Caulfield explained in more detail; “I’m very pleased that the CCG have been able to come to this agreement with Coperforma. Although performance levels had continued to improve, the model and the time spent by the CCG to manage that model, was proving unsustainable.”


Coperforma have signed the documents terminating the contract and informed their staff of the developments this morning but when contacted was not available for comment.


Over the past 7 months’ patients have been left stranded at the hospital or at home with many of them missing important appointments.


Within days of Coperforma starting its contract, patients claimed they were suffering delays in reaching appointments something which Michael Clayton, CEO of the transport company, addressed back in April, “We are working hard to extend the on-line access to patients and clinical staff to ensure that going forward we deliver the service that all patients and NHS clinical staff expect and deserve.”


However, there wasn’t a noticeable improvement and now the company is feeling the brunt of the fallout from the cancellation of its contract. Patient Lois Wood mentioned her relief saying, “it’s what we’ve been after for months.”


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