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Stansted now a major airport

According to the study by travel organization Abt  Stansted is one of the biggest airports in the UK. Every day thousands of people have their flights booked to different parts of the world, however the unexpected distance between check-in desk to departure gates for airport passengers might be the cause of many inconvenience.   The study by travel organisation Abta also found many travellers, who have difficulty walking, only request assistance once they arrive at the airport – which in many cases may be too late. This could result in them walking across terminals on foot – or miss their flight.  From personal experience travelling a long distance is a hard work after which you feel very  exhausted and the first thing you want to do after landing is get in to the car and travel home. Many air companies’ advertisements promise us to have a secure and comfortable flight but facing 1km walk after landing doesn’t seem to live up our expectations.  Therefore, the government in cooperation with air companies should take step in solving this problem and justify their promises

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